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Jul 27


Frog reimagined the pay phone to better connect New Yorkers with essential services. Beacon is a hands-free device that can display neighborhood maps, hail cabs, deliver local news, and translate content into a wide variety of languages.


Jul 27


Peg Board Wall Organizers from Human | Crafted

(Human)crafted from wood. This is our take on the standard peg board that everyone loves to hate in their garage. When combined with another garage favorite, the bungee cord, the utility is taken to another level. Perfect for home, office, kitchen, or back in the garage, the possibilities are endless. 

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Jul 26


The Desk Collection by Grovemade

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Jul 24


Fork    |

"Mary Wong is the chain of noodle bars from Rostov-on-Don. It’s the place where noodle is made with Asian accuracy and American spirit."

Fork is a group of young designers based in Moscow, Russia. They have their own view of things and they want to share it with everyone. Their goal is to make the world more meaningful and beautiful. They love (and are able) to work on corporate identity, packaging, websites, typography, interiors and installations. For any problem, they come from different perspectives and control the whole process, from sketches to construction.

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Jul 23


London Fields Soap Company

Studio One Darnley Road designed this Art-Deco inspired visual identity and packaging for the London Fields Soap Company.

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Jul 23


This collection is the result of a collaboration between the design skills of Marc Newson, who has been described as the most influential designer of his generation and the engineering and production skills of Robert Wilson and his team at Palm Products.

The objective was to create the world’s finest range of unbreakable drinkware.

Marc Newson’s sculptured shapes are beautiful, dramatic and unique. Their brilliance comes from their honesty, functionality and timelessness and their understanding of material limitations. They are a pleasure to hold. The curved shapes sit naturally in the hand and they feel balanced with their glass-like weighed sections. They have a non-confrontational human quality. People seem to gravitate to them and enjoy handling them.

Jul 23


Muji Kitchen Appliances

Jul 22


Barber Wedding Invitations

Jul 13


Sherpa    |

"A Clockwork Orange broaches the issue of the freedom of the individual by using the protagonist Alex. The recipient accompanies Alex through the plot and takes his point of view. He senses whenever Alex acts in a state of free will and he senses whenever Alexs free will is limited. Furthermore in some passages he takes a point of view above Alex as a spectator.

The notices being made in this position are arranged in a subtle visual and typographical staging. The recipient is being tricked. He thinks to be in full control about his way of reading. In fact the typographical staging has control about the recipient and guides him in one’s sole discretion.”

Sherpa focuses on the development, optimization and management of brands in various disciplines such as Corporate Design and Publishing as well as Digital Branding.

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Muddler - Color Block - For Mixology & Bar Carts by SucreShop (20.00 USD)
Jul 5


Muddler - Color Block - For Mixology & Bar Carts by SucreShop (20.00 USD)

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